Valentine’s Week Ebook Sale: Vintage Jane Austen

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A Kindle Countdown sale for the Vintage Jane Austen books begins today and runs through February 16!

If you’ve been wanting to read these 1930s-era retellings of Jane Austen’s classic novels, now is a great time to pick up ebook copies!

(The prices will slowly go back up toward their usual price, so jump on it now!)


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week Ebook Sale: Vintage Jane Austen

  1. I have just read the book ” Suit and Suitability” by Kelsey Bryant. It was a pleasure to sit down and read a very enjoyable story of a family of with daughters living in the 1930 in Ohio. I love to relax and have a quiet time reading a good book that puts a smile on my face and takes me away from my problems. Suit and Suitability had anticipation and surprises in the story that kept me reading and experiencing life in that time period..

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love hearing your thoughts, and I’m really glad that you enjoyed Suit and Suitability. I hope you also have the opportunity to read the other Vintage Jane Austen books as well; they are delightful!

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